Human-vegetation contact is natural. Human evolution took place in nature for two million years. Even if man tends to forget it in the spaces he controls, there is an awareness that nature must take its place in the environment and in buildings

Create a green climate

The link with plants and light is innate in humans. We appreciate plants, at home or at work. They bring a natural breath, give life and harmony to the home or office.

Through their presence in buildings, they confer greater well-being, reduce health problems and stimulate creativity, efficiency and calm.

What impact do plants have on us ?

As part of the study, an increase ranging from 20 to 80% in the level of well-being was noted.
A 20 to 40% increase in productivity among employees whose offices incorporate plant elements.

What do plants do for us ?

20 to 40% increase in productivity
20 to 80% of people happier and satisfied
10 to 20% increase in concentration level
10 to 30% decrease in health problem thanks to healthier air
5 to 10% decrease in employee absenteeism